Hi guys

I’m a dreamer working to create shifts into music, tv, radio, internet, food, maternity, media, etc

I’m definitely a changemaker, and in this interview I explain how that happen http://www.pattyolaniel.com/decretos-patricia-olaniel/

I work using media trying to impact humans with an awakening and entertaining message to become all a better world, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect, that just mean that I want a better world to everyone.

My name is Patricia Olaniel, I’m an Holistic Singer Songwriter:
“I use the power of the word, sound and intention; to write songs that help to elevate people’s mood through singing” http://www.pattyolaniel.com/decretos/

I have a web site named Consoucius, Motivation and Self care

This is my Mission

¡Hola mundo!

I also have a page in Facebook where I share Vegetarian- Vegan- Raw recipes
I do some videos sharing healthy recipes

I have another page in Facebook ACTIVIDADES PARA PADRES Y NINOS EN MIAMI for parents where I share Activities in the city and information about the new concious parenting

And I also have a tv show in youtube named LA LOCA DE LA CASA where I interview important changemakers as Matias de Stefano, Isa Zapata, Jose Luis Parise, Miguel Soto, Ana Maria Campa, Rene Mey among others

If you’re positively impacting the world in ways big or small, working to create shifts in people’s lives in any of these áreas, Yoga, Wellness, Social Development, Music, The Arts, Travel, Food, Eco-Living, Social Entrepreneurship.. email your story to info@pranawrites.com Prana Writes are building a database of people and entities around the globe who are changemakers! www.pranawrites.com